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In case you haven't been paying attention...

The NFT market is about to take off. And no, we're not just talking about artwork.


NFT sales every week

$11.3 billion+

Current NFT market

$231 billion+

NFT market worth by 2030

Tokenized Loyalty connects consumers and brands in a whole new way

How brands are using Block3 Media to connect

Merch Drops

NFTs enable brands to โ€œtoken gateโ€ their merch sites which allows their NFT holders to access drops before the public.

VIP Experiences

NFTs also allow brands to incentivize their followers through exclusive content and experiences.

Exclusive Ownership

NFTs can be sold to collectors. In turn, the NFT serves as a permanent certificate of ownership & authenticity.

How does this all work?

We'll spare you the technical jargon (for now), but just know that launching an NFT (tokenized asset) project is no joke. We've built a tried and trusted process that will seamlessly guide your project from curation to launch. Not only will our team move at lightning speed, but we'll also ensure a smooth and secure activation for your project.

Our Process >

Education Consultation

Knowledge is power. The NFT space can be confusing as heck, but it's pretty simple. Our team will spend time getting you up to speed on all things NFTs.

Project Curation

Once you give us the go-ahead, we develop a vision for your NFT project. From the scope, utilities offered, pricing, art, and more.

Technical Development

All technical components are built including; ERC-721 tokens, solidity coded smart contracts, digital wallet connection, and more.

Project Launch

Your NFT is officially minted (aka: for sale) Once purchased, holders can verify their ownership to access utilities gained by owning your NFT.

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