What is tokenized membership?

Block3 Media • 2022-08-28

The name “tokenized membership” refers to a loyalty program whose rewards are given out as tokenized memberships rather than traditional points or miles. Tokenized memberships allow brands to offer customers new kinds of rewards and make their programs more flexible and customizable than traditional programs based on physical cards or mileage points.


If you're like us, you have a hard time believing that the future is here. But it is! And in this future, digital goods are tokens on a blockchain. These digital assets are scarce and can be traded between users all over the world without any middlemen—that's right, no banks or governments included! Digital goods have been around for a while now (think iTunes), but recently there has been an explosion of interest in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs are unique digital assets that can be used as rewards for fans or customers to encourage repeat purchases from your brand or service. In this post we'll explore five ways brands can use NFTs creatively to grow their audience:

Reward your fans with rare digital collectibles.

If you have a lot of fans on social media, then reward them with rare digital collectibles. Think about it: what do people love more than anything else? Being rewarded for doing work that they love, of course! And there are few better ways to motivate your fans than by offering them something that's only available to patrons and VIPs.

Collectibles can also be used as tools for storytelling. A good example would be an artist who wants to create a narrative around their brand. Digital collectibles can provide the framework for this story and make it easy for users to navigate through various parts or chapters of it. This is especially useful if you're launching limited edition products or services and want to generate hype among influencers in advance of their release date - you'll easily get them excited when they know they'll be able to earn something special just by being influential enough!

Craft stories around your brand.

Your brand is the story of you. It's what makes your business unique, memorable, and relatable to customers.

If you're selling an NFT or other digital asset that can be displayed on a blockchain-powered website, then it can display your story as well. You can build out a page for each item that has information about how it was created and where it was purchased; this helps customers understand why they should buy from your company rather than someone else's.

Use NFTs to differentiate your products and services.

The visual appeal of NFTs is what makes them so attractive to brands. They're unique, and if you can get your hands on one, it can add a bit of flair to your product or service. And with the ability to create limited-edition items that are easy to verify as authentic, you can use NFTs in a variety of ways:

  • To differentiate products and services
  • To create exclusive experiences

Use NFTs to launch limited edition products and services.

"What's the best way to launch a product?"

Just ask, "How do you get people to pay attention to your product, service or event?" The answer is: by giving them something they can't get anywhere else. Now imagine that you have this idea for a limited edition item—say an NFT. You know it's going to be popular, but how can you make sure that people don't miss out? The answer is by using NFTs as an incentive for customers who purchase early on in your campaign.

NFTs are valuable because they're scarce and exclusive items that cannot be resold. So if the goal of your project is to create hype around an upcoming release date and generate pre-orders before anyone else even knows about it yet, then offering up some sort of reward like a special edition collectible token could help attract more interest than simple discounts or coupons alone would have done before!

Build a membership program around NFTs.

A NFT membership program is a great way to engage customers. You can use it to sell access to exclusive content, events, and experiences.

For example:

  • Sell access to an original series by signing up for the “limited edition” fansite on your platform that focuses on the show’s production process and stars. If you want more people involved in your show, you can even do something as simple as having them sign up for a newsletter where they get links to new episodes when they come out so that they don't miss out on anything important!
  • Have branded merch available only through this channel (and maybe at your real life store). People love collectibles!

NFTs can be used creatively in marketing strategies.

If you're looking for a way to get your company's name out there, NFTs are a great option. Nowadays, it seems like everyone is trying to be the next big thing in the crypto-community. With that said, here are five ways you can use NFTs for marketing:

  • Build a community: As mentioned above, NFTs are limited editions and collectible items. These characteristics make them perfect for building communities of fans who interact with each other on social media or elsewhere online—a major goal of any marketing strategy.
  • Reward fans: Another benefit of creating limited edition NFTs is that they give you an opportunity to reward loyal customers by giving away special prizes or exclusive offers only available through their ownership of certain non-fungible tokens (NFTs). For example, if someone owns an autographed item from Neymar Jr., maybe they could get VIP access at one of his games? Or perhaps they could receive free merchandise every time he releases something new? The possibilities here are endless!
  • Launch limited edition products: This one goes hand-in-hand with rewarding loyal customers because launching new products using this method will help increase sales and brand awareness across multiple channels simultaneously! This can be especially beneficial if you’re launching multiple products at once because it will keep users engaged with one another even after all purchases have been made due to ongoing conversations about which product was better between two different sets (those who purchased Product A versus those who purchased Product B). In addition, this kind of interaction encourages repeat purchases from customers who would otherwise purchase one type exclusively over another type because now there’s nothing stopping them from buying both types too – especially since these items might become harder/impossible than ever before obtain once sold out completely online stores worldwide!


As you can see, there are many ways that NFTs can be used for marketing. With their growing popularity, we’re sure to see more creative uses of NFTs in the future. So, what do you think? Have you tried any of these strategies? Let us know in the comments section below!

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